OCX Radio Episode 6 Past and Future X Wing

June 24th, 2017

Goood Mooorning X Wing!

This is a "Timeless" Episode, so no Scurrg comments yet! We will cover the Scurrg and all its ridiculousness next week.

Today we talk about the distant future of X Wing, what we think needs to happen to keep the game thriving, and some of the potential problems we see.

We explore "What's in the Box?" for the Starviper, the Kihraxz, and the Scyk Interceptor. The good, the bad, and the competitive.



0:00 ---------------- Intro

1:40 ---------------- X Wing in 20 years

23:15 -------------- What's in the Box?

52:10 -------------- Outro




Aaron Krull----------------Host

Jon Chausse--------------Producer, Co-Host

Kyle Stoos-----------------Co-Host

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