OCX Radio Episode 5, Biggs Buff

June 16th, 2017


Goooood Mooorning X wing! Today we have a special guest, Hero of the Empire, Tyler Tippet, the only top 16 Imperial Player at Worlds. We discuss the Auzituck and why it's broken, and why FFG should be nerfing Biggs very soon. We get into FFG misprints and new C-ROC Jank, as well as a list submission!





2:30--------------------Guest Questions

9:40--------------------Auzituck Wookie Gunship "The Wooden Wonder"

20:00------------------State of the Game Discussion/C-Roc Screwup and New Jank

36:25------------------List Submission Critic

45:40------------------Outro and Shoutouts




Aaron Krull----------------Host

Jon Chausse--------------Producer, Co-Host

Kyle Stoos-----------------Co-Host

Tyler Tippet----------------Guest

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