OCX Radio Episode 10: Store Champs and Good Times

July 23rd, 2017

Goood Moooorning X Wing! 

This week the OCX Crew talk about the Sparta Store Championship and what interesting lists cropped up (including the mysterious list of Aaron Bonar). We briefly discuss some shady goings on that seem to be creeping into X Wing these days, then wrap it up with a list submission. Includes some brilliant off the cuff squad building from Coach Krull.


0:00----------------- Intro

2:25----------------- Main Topic: Sparta Store Championship

46:20--------------- Shady/Annoying X Wing tactics to watch out for

58:50---------------- List Submission

1:07:35------------- Outro

1:19:35------------- Bonus Content and New (Comical) Commercial




Aaron Krull----------------Host

Brett Plazek---------------Co-Host

Jon Chausse--------------Producer, Co-Host

Kyle Stoos----------------Co-Host

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